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Indoor Lighting Solutions

Bespoke Indoor Lighting Services in Scottsdale

At Belmont Electric, we provide exceptional indoor lighting solutions in partnership with Sun Lighting. From overhead general lighting and task lighting to decorative accent lighting, we design and execute stunning projects tailored to your needs. Trust our expertise to transform your spaces with beautiful, functional lighting.

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Lighting Plans

Our expert team creates comprehensive lighting plans tailored to your needs, ensuring optimal functionality and aesthetic appeal for every room in your Scottsdale home.


Lighting Upgrades

Enhance your home’s ambiance and efficiency with our professional lighting upgrades. We provide modern solutions that improve both the look and performance of your lighting system.


Lighting Repairs

Our skilled technicians quickly address and fix any lighting issues, ensuring your home remains well-lit and safe. We handle all types of lighting repairs with precision.


Lighting Automation

Experience the convenience of lighting automation. We install smart systems that allow you to control your lighting remotely, enhancing comfort and energy efficiency in your home.

Lighting for New Construction

For new construction projects, we offer comprehensive indoor lighting solutions. Our team collaborates with you to design and install efficient, aesthetically pleasing lighting systems. From initial planning to final installation, we ensure your new space is illuminated perfectly, enhancing both functionality and beauty. Trust us for innovative and reliable lighting.

Chandelier Cleaning Services

Our Chandelier Cleaning Service in Scottsdale ensures your intricate lighting fixtures shine brilliantly. We meticulously disassemble, label, clean, and reassemble your chandeliers, preserving their beauty and functionality. Trust our skilled technicians to handle even the most complex fixtures with care, providing exceptional service and ensuring your chandeliers look their best.

Your Questions Answered

Do you offer lighting upgrades for older homes?

How long does it take to complete a lighting upgrade project?

Can you help with designing a custom lighting plan for my home?

Can you install dimmer switches and smart lighting controls?

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on our indoor lighting services, ensuring you receive top-quality, reliable solutions that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Lighting By Room


Kitchen Lighting

Our kitchen lighting services enhance both functionality and aesthetics, ensuring a well-lit and inviting space. We offer custom lighting plans, installations, and upgrades tailored to your kitchen’s design. From task lighting for cooking to ambient and accent lighting, our solutions make your kitchen a bright, efficient, and beautiful area.


Bathroom Lighting

Our bathroom lighting services in Scottsdale create a bright, relaxing, and functional space. We offer custom lighting plans, installations, and upgrades tailored to your bathroom’s design. From task lighting for grooming to ambient and accent lighting, our solutions enhance the beauty and efficiency of your Scottsdale bathroom.


Bedroom Lighting

As a leading Scottsdale electrical contractor, we provide exceptional bedroom lighting services that create a cozy and functional space. Our custom lighting plans, installations, and upgrades cater to your bedroom’s design. From ambient lighting to task and accent lighting, our solutions enhance comfort and style in your Scottsdale home.


Shared Space Lighting

We offer outstanding shared space lighting services for living rooms, foyers, hallways, and more. As a premier Scottsdale electrical contractor our custom lighting plans, installations, and upgrades enhance the beauty and functionality of your home. From ambient lighting to accent and task lighting, we create inviting and well-lit shared spaces.

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I would recommend Belmont Electric to anyone who is looking for professional electrical residential or commercial work that needs to be done. Great Job.

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My experience with Belmont Electric was top notch A+!…Highly recommended! I will be getting more lighting improvements done. Thank you!


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Choose our services for our great safety culture, detailed workmanship, and commitment to excellence. We are the best in providing reliable, high-quality electrical solutions.

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